Hi! I'm Kat Newson and I'm a Tiny Habits Coach

I help people make lifestyle changes so that they can go from just surviving to thriving.

Have you wanted to make lifestyle changes for a while now but never seem to succeed? Do you know you need to improve your nutrition, start moving and using your body, get better sleep or reduce stress, but you’re just too busy, too tired and are never able to focus on it? Has your doctor told you that you must make changes now so that your health doesn’t deteriorate and much to your distress you still aren’t successfully making any changes?

Do you want to feel more positive and resilient? Are you sick of feeling like you’re merely surviving and not making the most of life?

It is not your fault that you've not been able to make lasting changes!

The reason most people don’t succeed when it comes to making behavioural changes is that most of what is taught about behaviour change is wrong.

You can learn the skills necessary to build new positive habits and untangle bad habits. It is not magical. It is not something only special, highly disciplined people can do. Everyone can learn these skills, and move from merely surviving to thriving in life.

By learning the skills of behaviour change, you can iteratively and continuously improve your lifestyle and create a life you love.

There is no time like the present to learn how I can help you move from just surviving to thriving

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Lasting lifestyle changes can be so hard if you don't know how behaviour change works. As you learn and practice the skills of habit creation, it is hugely beneficial to be part of a community of people on a similar journey to you. 

The 3T Network is a place for people to share how they are going and ask questions, share knowledge, ideas, and inspiration as we all strive to make positive changes in our lives. You will also receive expert advice and guidance so that you can stay on track and keep on developing your new skills

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