I’m a Tiny Habits Coach, and I help people make lifestyle changes so that they can go from just surviving to thriving.

For too long, decades!, I struggled with feeling fatigued and unhealthy, envying people who seemed to have abundant energy. My primary identity was “I’m a tired person”. Once I discovered how to take charge of my habits, I was able to improve the quality of my life massively.

My journey has been one of progressive changes and improvements, each rewarding in its own right as well as laying the foundation for the success of future changes. These changes included committing to preparing home-cooked dinners, and later I started preparing packed lunches. These were not small lifestyle changes for me. Cooking a dinner when I was utterly exhausted was hard. Later, it took 9 months before making packed lunches was automatic. These changes gave me control over the quality of food I was eating for these meals as well as bucket loads more energy each day. That extra energy made life so much more enjoyable and enabled me to make further changes. The next significant lifestyle change was huge – I conquered my sugar addiction. This was a game-changer for me! 

Another area of life that is key for health and wellbeing is moving and using your body. When I looked for coaches for myself I often found that they were usually always fit and healthy, eating nutritiously and in moderation. They might have stopped exercising for a while but returned to their previous sports or gym going. I was never that person. I wasn’t good at sports at school. My various infrequent attempts at gym-going never lasted more than a few weeks. Through the Tiny Habits Method, I have established an approach to moving and using my body that works for me.

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The difference between how I feel and how I looked then compared to now is so dramatic and so fantastic, I wanted others to be able to have the same success that I had had and feel as good as I do now. If only I could go back in time and coach my 20-something self! If you think I could help you too please click the button below to schedule a free call to discuss this.

An unexpected benefit of developing my behaviour change skills is the improvements I have been able to make to my habits of thinking and my overall resilience. Through some quite challenging, tragic, tough times in life, I have been able to find and appreciate the moments of happiness every day, feel resilient and capable, and be able to support others.

In addition to coaching, I’m currently continuing my study of psychology, biochemistry, neuroscience as well as food and movement as medicine. Having lost a loved one to addiction I have a special focus on addiction, positivity and resilience and want to support people dealing with the impact of addiction in their life.

There is no time like the present to learn how I can help you move from just surviving to thriving