• Kat Newson


Gorgeous sunrise over distant mountains - Start your day by setting yourself up for success
Start every day on a positive note by telling yourself "Its going to be a great day"

Tiny Habits for Happiness

  • After I turn on the kettle first thing in the morning, I will say “Today is going to be a great day”

  • After I hop into bed, I will write 3 things I am grateful for in my Bullet Journal

  • After I come into close proximity to someone, I will smile and say hello (The 5/10 Way)

  • After I put away the last of the breakfast dishes, I will play one uplifting song and dance around my living room

Tiny Habits for Resilience

  • Note: all my tiny habits help massively with resilience because I celebrate, which means throughout the day I get these moments of happiness

  • After I touch a door to open it as I am moving around the house, I will tell myself “You’ve got this”

  • After my ex-husband says something worrying or hurtful, I will express (in my head) my sincere gratitude that I got to experience a truly happy marriage (if only for a few years)

Tiny Habits for Brain Health and Stress Reduction

  • After I make the bed, I will do the first tai chi movement

  • After I stop work for lunch, I will do the first minute of the Loving Kindness Meditation

  • After I sit on the toilet, I will sit up straight, take a deep breath and do neck stretches

Tiny Exercise Habits

  • After I walk into my bedroom, I will do a 10-second plank

  • After I flush the toilet, I will do 2 squats

  • After I make myself a cup of tea, I will do 2 push-ups against the kitchen counter

  • After I plan to do errands, I decide if I can walk rather than take the car

Tiny Business Habits

  • After I sit down at my desk to start the day, I will think of one thing I can do to move my business forward

  • After I shut down my computer for the day, I will create my success list and to-do list for the next day

Tiny Clean, Tidy Organised House Habits

  • After I turn the kettle on, I will clean something in the kitchen while I wait for it to boil

  • After I put away the last dinner dish, I will shine my sink (thanks FlyLady)

  • After I have finished getting ready for the day in the bathroom, I will Swish ‘n Swipe (thanks FlyLady)

  • After I put away the last of the dinner dishes, I will put out the clothes for the next day

  • After I refill my glass of water, I will pick up three things around the house

Tiny Financial Habits

  • After I think I will buy something, I will write it down on my “After 30 Days” list and see if I still want it in 30 days

Tiny Hobby Habits

  • After I sit down for my morning “Power 90”, I will do 5 minutes of calligraphy practise first

What are your favourite tiny habits?

Do you have any tiny habits that have particularly worked for you? What were they and what positive difference did they make?